Oil and Gas Simulation Modelling Services


Our simulation modelling services and custom quantitative tools offer the ability to improve the quality of high-risk / high-reward capital investment decisions in oil & gas:


  • Improve acquisition and divestiture with better tools and models for probabilistic valuation and screening of oil and gas properties.
  • Optimize asset management with custom portfolio analysis and optimization tools.
  • Increase upstream profitability with integrated business simulation models for analysis of economic, technical and political risks and opportunities.
  • Value and exploit real options in exploration, development and production.
We provide expertise in simulation modelling, quantitative methods and software engineering:


  • Modelling of investment decisions and integrated risk. Input data analysis. Model design, implementation and validation. 
  • Simulation and analysis of decisions and strategies. Decision analysis, analysis of risk, sensitivity and robustness.
  • Development of simulation-based decision support, integrated decision support tools and custom software applications.
  • Data integration and optimization of data flow and sharing between tools and data repositories.

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