Hospital and Healthcare Management Simulation Modeling Services

Our simulation modelling services offer hospitals and healthcare systems the ability to visualize, analyze and predict the impacts of suggested changes, prior to implementation.


  • Optimize resource allocation under interrelated capacity and flow constraints
  • Analyze the effect of alternative layouts on resource, bed, and spatial demand.
  • Analyze the impacts of different work processes on throughput, wait times, staff utilization and efficiencies.
  • Forecast the consequences of co-location on patient flow in a region.
  • Assess risks and vulnerabilities
We provide expertise in simulation modelling, quantitative methods and software engineering:


  • Modelling of wards, hospitals or healthcare systems. Input data analysis. Model design, implementation and validation. 
  • Simulation and analysis of decisions, layouts and strategies. Analysis of risk, sensitivity and robustness.
  • Development of integrated decision support tools and custom software applications.
  • Data integration: Optimization of data flow and data sharing between applications and databases.

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